Can you give me the quotes and page number about this question? In what way does Scout demonstrate sensitivity and compassion in chapters 30-31?Thank you for helping me. By the way, this book is...

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Those chapters show us the depth of Scout's capacity for compassion toward Arthur (Boo) Radley.  Rather than being afraid of Arthur and acting immaturely toward him, she offers him her arm to escort him out to the living room and onto the porch, saying," Come along, Mr. Arthur, don't know the house real well.  I'll just take you to the porch, sir" (Chapter 30).  She then offers him a seat in the comfortable rocking chair, as ladylike and refined as her Aunt Alexandra would have wanted her to be!  Later she takes him back up to check on Jem, then walks with him back to his house, making sure that he does the leading, not her - "I would lead him through our house, but I would never lead him home" (Chapter 31).

What an amazing little girl Harper Lee wrote into existence!  I hope this helps, and I'm glad to know you're enjoying the book.  It is one of my favorite books ever!  Good luck!

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