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Can someone explain the physics behind the video link below and why it is physically...

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Can someone explain the physics behind the video link below and why it is physically impossible for this man to make this jump?


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Answer: His body defies basic projectile motion and Newton's First Law.

The man runs very fast, no doubt - in fact, he creates a pressure wave. The pressure difference created by the pressure wave might not be enough to create all the havoc he does when he runs by the office rooms: analysis theorized force and velocity would be needed to be able to say more than "might not."

In the movie, his path of trajectory is mostly horizontal until the last split second where he falls into a window below. Essentially he is a projectile with an immense horizontal initial speed. He wasn't even noticably slowed down by the heavy window he went through. This might indicate force and velocity greater than the window resistance, again, "mihgt." All projectiles behave the same way. The force of gravity adds a vertical component of velocity downward. No projectile can fly completely horizontally. That's one of the major aspects of bad physics in this clip.

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