Can a physician proceed with diagnosis based on this molecular biology data? what is the purpose of the control lane?pl i need this answer for today thankyou pl

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Since you mention molecular biology, I am assuming that the "test" being ordered by the physician relates to DNA or RNA separation.  Having worked as a Medical Technologist in a lab a number of years ago, I can tell you that DNA & RNA proteins are often separated through gel electrophoresis, one of the main tools of a molecular biologist.  The proteins are separated on the basis of size by running a DNA sample through agarose gel using an electrical field.  We refer to the "wells" in the gel as "lanes."  Typically, you might have a result with Lane 1 as a positive control, Lane 2 as a negative control, and Lane 3 as the sample.  The control lanes are used to compare & contrast your sample to the control lane to help identify characteristics.

I am not sure how to address the issue of diagnosis.  What was the molecular biology data given to you?  The control lane would certainly help to identify the sample, but you do not mention a specific test or data.

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