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Can a person be skeptical about everything, or are there limits? Is it possible to...

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brigaither | Student | (Level 2) Honors

Posted March 12, 2012 at 12:23 PM via web

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Can a person be skeptical about everything, or are there limits? Is it possible to doubt everything, or almost everything?

Are there beliefs you possess that cannot be challenged or shown to be false? How might the skeptic respond to your claim that such a belief cannot be doubted? Identify one such specific belief and present your response to the skeptic. (If you don't have such a belief, explain how one could live while not accepting any claim as true.)

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najm1947 | Elementary School Teacher | (Level 1) Valedictorian

Posted March 13, 2012 at 1:04 PM (Answer #1)

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Well I believe in God and that He is the Creator and Originator of life and I believe that it cannot be challenged and shown to be false.

These ideas have been challenged by many atheists. In eNotes discussions namely "The Origine of Life" and "Proof of God's Existence", these have been challenged by Frizzyperm, who appears to believe that the origin of life is through evolution, and according to him that cannot be challenged. What ever might have been the result of discussions that one can see in these discussions, one is always left to believe with something to be true that cannot be challenged.

I tend to think that a person who claims not to believe in anything is still left to believe in his/her own physical existence.

Where one may think that the sanity ends and the insanity starts?

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