What is a short summary of "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell?

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Rainsford falls overboard while on a ship.  He swims to the closest island, Ship-Trap Island.  On the island he finds a house owned by a great hunter named Zaroff.  Zaroff welcomes him and asks him to join in a hunt.  Rainsford refuses and then Zaroff tells Rainsford he will be the hunted.  They try to outwit each other and according to inferences in the story we can assume Rainsford ends up killing Zaroff and sleeping in Zaroffs bed the next night.

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find the two lines one from beginning of the story and one from the end that shows rains ford changes his entire philosophy?

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"The Most Dangerous Game" takes place on Ship-Trap Island.  Rainsford swims to the island after falling off the ship on which he is traveling.  On the island, Rainsford finds food and lodging with its sole human inhabitants, General Zaroff and his henchman, Ivan.  Zaroff, a world-famous hunter, reveals that he intends to hunt Rainsford, since he finds hunting humans most exciting.  Through intelligence and cleverness, Rainsford manages to elude Zaroff and is waiting in the General's bedroom when he returns.  The story insinuates that Rainsford ends Zaroff's life.

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"The Most Dangerous Game" is a story of a man named Rainsford who must swim to shelter and safety after losing his footing on a yacht and falling overboard. He finds refuge in an island and is welcomed by General Zaroff at his palatial home where he is treated kindly, being fed, warmed and welcomed. As the conversation at Zaroff's dinner table continues, Rainsford learns that his host is a big game hunter who has recently started hunting humans, setting traps to lure sailors to this island in order to hunt them, but has since become bored with this. After learning this, Rainsford demands to leave the island, but Zaroff will not allow it, and instead gives Rainsford three days to survive Zaroff's hunt. Rainsford is able to survive the hunt, which in the first day Zaroff allows, and bests Zaroff's partner, Ivan. On the third day Rainsford outsmarts Zaroff ultimately ending up behind the curtains in Zaroff's bedroom. In the end, we learn that Rainsford has killed Zaroff thus winning "the game."

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