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Please help with a comparison and contrast of the characters, Bruno and Gretel in the...

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Please help with a comparison and contrast of the characters, Bruno and Gretel in the book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  (not the movie).

I need help with the similarities and differences caused by their age difference, attitudes to life, the younger and older sibiling and the way they look at things going on around them. I need to show likeness and differences and can you please help me prove it by using examples from the book. Thanks so much...

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In the novel, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, Bruno and Gretel are the children of the Nazi commandant.  The Father takes over command of Out-With or Auschwitz and the family moves to the town.  Bruno loves to explore and his sister Gretel loves her dolls. They are simply German children living a protected family life.   The tutor their father hires is a Nazi enthusiast which Bruno dislikes and Gretel favors.  Bruno meets a boy behind the fence named Shmuel and becomes friends with him; Gretel follows the Nazi Youth, gives up her dolls for Nazi posters and flirts with the Nazi soldiers.  Bruno meets the Fury and his girlfriend at his father's dinner table and instantly dislikes the man.  Gretel is intrigued and tries to impress the Fuhrer.  Bruno calls his sister The Lost Cause.  The boy Bruno flings himself into life while the sister waits for others to tell her what to think and do.  The two siblings are like each other but also very different people. You just need to look back at the book, list the similarities and differences and then compose your answer. 


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