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This story by R. K. Narayan features Sekhar, who is a teacher with a belief that just as people avoid staring at the sun, likewise people avoid confronting the truth. He recognises that people deliberately alter what they say to avoid hurting or shocking others. To prove his point and as an experiment, he decides to speak and receive only the truth for one day, no matter what the consequences might be. He starts the day as he means to continue by telling his wife precisely what he thinks of her cooking (foolish man!), and then gives his opinion of someone who has just died. Then his headmaster, his boss, who has spent lots of money on music lessons, asks his opinion of his singing. Sekhar is an authority on musical matters and the headmaster's performance is terrible, and Sekhar tells him so. The next day, nervous about how he will respond, Sekhar is surprised to be thanked by his headmaster for telling the truth, but he gives Sekhar one hundred papers to mark in a single night. Sekhar feels that "sitting up all night with a hundred test papers was a small price to pay for the luxury of practicing Truth."

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thanx i actullay had to write a summery for this story thanx for helpin

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