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Can anyone help me with how to write a strong persuasive opening statement and...

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Can anyone help me with how to write a strong persuasive opening statement and conclusion for my speech about why it is beneficial to start college at a community college?

My point is that it is beneficial to start at a community college because of the lower tuitions etc. I need to be able to persuade students to go to college, as well as persuade them that there is an option that enables all adult students to have a chance for their futures.

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An introduction for a speech should have at least three parts: the attention getter which should be an anecdote, an authoritative quotation, a statistic, an explanantion.

Secondly, the introduction should include an introduction to the topic and a sentence to point out the relevance of the topic. 

The last thing in an introduction should be a strong thesis sentence emphasizing exactly what the speaker will be arguing to the audience.

This is an example of a potential introductive attention getter and the explanation of the topic.  It stops short of the thesis sentences.

*Community colleges provide a student with the opportunity to get his general education classes without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money.  If a person is eligible for financial aid or the parents are paying for college, choosing a community college for the first two years is the best value.  The last two years can be spent at a prestigious college which will look impressive on the resume.  A student does not have to start as a freshman at UCLA or Stanford University. He can enroll in the nearest community college to earn the general education classes; consequently, he will be ready to tackle the large university for his final two years.  It’s like buying a $100,000 house for $50,000. 

The conclusion of the speech should include a brief summary of the speech [a sentence or two]. The next part should be what the speaker wants the audience to do along with any suggestions to further persuade them. The last part should be an interesting ending which leaves the reader with something about which to think.

*It is cheaper!  That is something that everyone thinks about in today’s economy.  Even if a person’s parents are going to pay for college, or if he is eligible for financial aid, choosing the best for the money just makes sense.  Go to the community college for the general education classes…In the end, when one transfers to the Community colleges you will save a “ton of money.” The average price of a community college is about $4,500 a year.  Compare $4,500 to a university that is around $15,000 a year.  It’s simple: would you rather spend around $9,000 or $30,000?

Hopefully, this will get you started for your great persuasive speech!


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