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Can anyone give me information about Cal State Fullerton?I am interested in attending...

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Can anyone give me information about Cal State Fullerton?

I am interested in attending Fullerton. I can not find it on the site. Can anyone tell me about their Theater and Psycology program, as well as their best programs?

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My two daughters attended Cal State Fullerton and I earned an MA degree in Education there and was priviledged to take some graduate level English classes too.  We all agree it is a great school; you can get a first class education there for a comparatively affordable price.  I know that the University is especially strong in the areas of Business and Education.  Unfortunately, I don't have much first-hand knowledge about the Theater and Psychology programs.  According to their website, "the CSUF Theater program is among the top sixteen most highly recommended undergraduate programs in the nation", and I do know that they just built an amazing Performing Arts Center on campus.  You can read more about the University itself, as well as the Theater and Psychology Departments at the links referenced below. 


Hopes this helps!

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Thank you very much. While attending a theatre camp this summer, I was informed the they were ont of the best two to pick, due to their connections in the industry.

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I strongly suggest you visit the school, and talk to actual students there, not just the tour guides. As a member of the CSU (California State University) system, fees are cheaper than UCLA. Since it's in Southern California, it does indeed have connections to the industry.

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