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Can Animal Farm by George Orwell be read for an A-Level piece of coursework?I'm...

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Can Animal Farm by George Orwell be read for an A-Level piece of coursework?

I'm currently in Year 13 studying English Literature (as an A Level), and we have to complete a coursework piece based on a book of our choice and a topic area of our choice. I have chosen to do Animal Farm and I told this to my teacher who said: "Well, that's a Key Stage 3 book, you have to be careful" -- It quite crushed my spirits, is there a way Animal Farm can be explored at an advanced level?

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Much of what is going to be said here is going to be taken and reduced to hashing out a disagreement between you and your teacher.  I guess my question would be that if Orwell's work could not be seen as an "A- Level" exemplar, I would openly wonder what can be?  The work is extremely challenging because it does not pose any "easy" or reductive answers.  Orwell's work forces the reader to fundamentally challenge their own political and social structures as well as examine their own place within it.  This is tough to do and there is a discomfort in doing so.  At the same time, the work is historically relevant in discussing how the hierarchical structure of the Soviet Union was antithetical to ensuring the power of the people.  Additionally, the work makes a statement about what it means to be engaged in a political order, in general.  One of the most compelling elements of Orwell's work is that it is applicable to any governing structure and not merely one that is situation in Russia.  While this was the direct target of the work, it occupies so much more thematic relevance in its discussion of politics and the nature of government and the individual's role in it.  In this light, I cannot help but see it as an exemplar of "A level" coursework, rigorous and challenging.


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Animal Farm by George Orwell

I am 13 years old and i read Animal Farm by George Orwell when i was 10 years old. it is difficult but after reading the whole book it was an amazing experience for me,  In Animal Farm, his allegory of the Soviet Revolution, Orwell examines the use of language and the subversion of the meaning of words by showing how the powerful manipulate words for their own benefit. As a journalist, Orwell knew the power of words to serve whichever side the writer backed.He has used personification in his book.

Read it, it is an A-Level piece of coursework?

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