calculate the slope of the line 50x + 25y - 5 = 0

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50x + 25 y - 5 = 0

To find the slope we need to rewrite using the slope form which is:

y= mx + c   where m is the slope.

50 x + 25 y - 5 = 0

==> 25y = -50x + 5

deivide by 25 to free y:

==> y = -50/25 + 5/25

==> y= -2x + 1/5

Then the slope is m = -2

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First, we'll put the given equation in the standard form:

y=mx + n, where m represents the slope.

50x + 25y - 5 = 0

We'll isolate 25y to the left side:


We'll divide by 25 both sides:

y=(-50/25)x + 5/25

The standard form of the equation is:

y = -2x + 1/5

The slope of the line 50x + 25y - 5 = 0 is m = -2.

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The slope m of the line ax+by +c is   given by :

m = - (coefficient of x)/coeeficient of y) = -(a/b)

So the slope of the line 50x +25y - 5 is  = -50/25 = -2.

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A line ax+by+c=0 can be put into the form y=mx+d where d is the y intercept and m is the slope.

Doing the same for 50x+25y-5=0 we get:




Therefore the slope is -2

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If you put this problem into slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) you will have the slope of your equation.

Start by adding five to both sides.


Then subtract 50x to both sides. Now your problem is in the correct format, but 'y' isn't alone yet.


Divide both sides of the equation by 25.


Fifty divided by negative twenty-five is -2 because the negative sign is interchangeable in fractions. This number is in the "m" spot of y=mx+b. Therefore, negative two is your slope because b is your y-intercept, and x and y are your variables.

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