Burried Child, S.ShepardI came across a very interesting question regarding this play I can't seem to find an answer, hope you can help me:)Is Halie from Burried child an embodiment of mother...

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Hello again, I did some more reasearch but still can't answer this question.The only thing that I found regarding this is Halie's declaration of hope at the end of the play.

"You can't force a thing to grow. You can't interfere with it. It's all hidden. It's all unseen. You just gotta wait til it pops up out of the ground. Tiny little shoot. Tiny little white shoot. All hairy and fragile. Strong enough. Strong enough to break the earth even. It's a miracle."

                                 S.Shepard-Burried child

But my question is still unanswered:

Is Halie from Burried child an embodiment of mother Earth?

Thank you!

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