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Provide a brief summary and analysis of Joseph Addison's essays "Will Wimble" and...

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Posted June 17, 2013 at 1:23 AM via web

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Provide a brief summary and analysis of Joseph Addison's essays "Will Wimble" and "Party Patches."

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Posted July 9, 2013 at 5:14 AM (Answer #1)

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"Will Wimble" and "Party Patches" are both satirical works that illustrate the foolishness of social conventions. They appeared in the popular publication The Spectator. In the first essay, Will is the youngest son in a family of aristocrats where only the oldest son inherits land and titles. Will becomes skilled at creating fishing lures and other devices for hunting and trapping. However, his aristocratic family frown upon his decision to take up a trade, believing such a career to be beneath him. Addison highlights the problems that arise when people of noble birth are forced to abandon their opportunities and talents to pursue a narrow range of careers or else remain forever dependant on their families, whose wealth was often dwindling with the rise of the middle class.

"Party Patches" takes place in an opera house where women demonstrate their husband's political affiliations by applying artificial moles to their right or left cheeks, depending on the party they were representing. One woman, Rosiland, finds herself at the center of confusion and mistaken identity due to a mole she was born with. Addison reveals how major social concerns have been reduced to trivial fashion statements.


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