In "Brave New World," how are Bernard and John similar? How are the Different?Anything helps, if you can compare and contrast

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Bernard and John are similar in that they are both outsiders in their own societies. Bernard does not feel that he fits into the society of the World State because he is smaller than the other alphas. He also enjoys nature and being alone, making him different from all the other society members. He is made fun of by the other Alphas and Betas, and one of the only reasons Lenina will go out with him is that his differences intrigue her. John, also, does not fit into his society. He is raised by his mother on the Savage Reservation, yet he doesn't fit into either his mother's society or the Reservation. He is made fun of by the other savages.

These two characters differ in that Bernard desperately wants to fit into the society, but John does not want to become a part of either society.

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