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Interesting books in Spanish? I wonder if anyone can recommend a book to read. I do...

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Interesting books in Spanish?

 I wonder if anyone can recommend a book to read. I do not read novels or stories - maybe something that is serious but interesting. If you have a link to read on the Web, it would be better. Thank you for your suggestions.

Que tal, amigos. Quisiera saber si alguien puede recomendar algún libro para leer. No quiero leer novelas ni historias--tal vez algo que sea serio pero interesante. Si tienen un link para leerlo en el web, sería mejor. Gracias por sus sugestiones.

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For anyone who wants to respond but doesn't speak Spanish, the gist of this is as follows:

I'd like to know if anyone could reccomend a book for me to read.  I don't want novels or stores, just something serious but interesting.  It would be better if there were a link for reading it on the web.


I don't know Spanish well enough to know if "novela" means something like light fiction.  If it does not, you might read Brave New World.  It is a novel but it's serious and interesting at least to me.  Here's a link:


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Oh, my god! I totally forgot to put the English translation. My appologies for that, people. I also forgot to say that I'm looking for books in Spanish, not English.

Thanks, pohnpei397!

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There are a lot of places online where you can get free ebooks in many languages.  Type "free books in Spanish" in a search engine like google.  You also might want to find a Spanish language newspaper.  Here's a list:



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