In Book Three why did Nestor advise Telemachus to let Nestor's sons "guide (him) into sunlit Lacedaemon"?

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The answer to this question is closely connected to the answer to the last question you asked.  As I said before, Nestor has suggested that Telemachus should go to Sparta and ask Menelaus about Odysseus's whereabouts.  Lacedaemon is another name for Sparta.  So by telling Telemachus to do this, he is telling him to go to Sparta.

The reason Nestor wants his sons to go with Telemachus is because it will be safer for Telemachus.  Nestor says it would be okay for Odysseus to go by sea, but it seems clear that he thinks it would be safer to go by chariot with Nestor's sons to guide him.

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