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A book review or film review for a science fiction book/film don't matter whichI need a...

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A book review or film review for a science fiction book/film don't matter which

I need a very good book review or film review . important de genre science fiction, or maybe you want to write a own short science fiction story, would be okay too. thanks

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Uhm, do you really think we are going to do this for you? That is not what this site is for, and I would hope not what ANY site is for. We are here to help you when you get stuck, to clarify points you need help with--not to do your work for you. I am a teacher, and I have to tell you we are very good at figuring out who has done their own work, and who has had someone else do it, or plagarized.

Now get to work, and we'll be happy to help you.

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If you don't want to do it, it's a pity, but okay

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First of all, this is the discussion board. The things posted here are meant to elicit opinions and umm well yeah--discussion. This would be a more appropriate topic for the question board, but even then--you need to ask questions about the specific works in which you are interested. Good luck though.

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I agree.  I am a teacher too, and we are great at seeing through students' attempts to get others to do their work for them.  For one, after seven (or however many) years of working with kids, we kind of get to know how average kids in that grade level write/think/reason/express themselves.  For two, your teacher probably knows you and your writing style better than you give him or her credit for.  If a kid suddeny turns in an assignment with the vocab of a teacher who has been to graduate school, it sticks out like a red flag.

BUT, if you want some suggestions on topics, angles from which to approach this assignment, or books to read, you might want to reply and ask that kind of question.  We love to help kids, but c'mon.  How are you going to get to be a tronger person if you don't do the work?

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The best source of film reviews is probably the website of Roger Ebert, Pulitzer-Prize winning film critic and journalist. For book reviews, you should check out the NY Times Book Reviews.



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