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In the book little women, who are the dynamic, static, round, & flat characters...

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In the book little women, who are the dynamic, static, round, & flat characters with evidence from the book. CANT FIND IT!

i finished the book and thought it was great. but i am still having a hard time with finding which character had those four traits. if you could explain it and let me know which one, i'd be extremely happy. Thanks a bunch!!

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First it's important to understand the definitions of dynamic, static, round, and flat characters.  Let's look at that first.

I usually tend to think of static characters and flat characters as the same thing.  These are characters who don't change thoughout the story.  If they're good at the beginning of the story, they are good at the end.  If they are bad, at the beginning, they are bad at the end.  If they hold a certain idea at the beginning, they still continue to hold that idea at the end of the book. This doesn't mean that flat characters are not interesting, it just means that they are more like a painting - always the same- rather than a movie -ever changing.

In Little Women, some examples of flat characters of static characters would be the girls' mother, Marmee.  Marmee's ideas are thouroughly grounded and you don't see her being wishy-washy about what she thinks and does.  Another example would be Professor Bhaer.

Round or dynamic characters, on the other hand are those characters whose opinions do change throughout the course of the novel or story.  The characters change either by the experiences they have and what they have learned from them.

Jo is a perfect example of a round or dynamic character from this book (note: generally the main character will be a round or dynamic character).  In the beginning of the novel, Jo is consumed with the romantic ideal.  She wants to write stories about fantasy worlds and all that her imagination can think up. Thoughout the novel though, she begins to realize that that type of writing is not as valuable as writing about what life is really like.

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Jo is an perfect answer..... if u read the book properly again u'll knw it thoroughly.... :)


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