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In the book Jane Eyre, Janes' trait is lonely. How is the trait revealed in the text?...

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In the book Jane Eyre, Janes' trait is lonely. How is the trait revealed in the text? please give the chapter where you found it and the page number.

giva a quote from the text that shows that her trait is lonely and give a context. the chapters have to be from chapter 1 thru chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Paragraphs 3 and 4

In the third paragraph, Jane Eyre proclaims her loneliness. From “that then I longed for a power of vision….I wished to behold.” (lines 6-12, chapter XII), Jane avows her wish to have a richer social life.

In the third paragraph, Charlotte Bronte uses figurative language to suggest Jane´s loneliness. Thus in “I longed for a power of vision which might overpass that limit“(line 3, chapter XII), is a metaphor that refers to Jane’s desire for a livelier life, which can only exist in “a busy word, towns, and regions full of life…” (Line 7, chapterXII).

In this paragraph we notice a shift from exuberance to a more modest tone. In realty Jane only wishes to have contact with more people.

In paragraph XII, Jane asserts her “restlessness” personality.  When she is not teaching Adele or talking with Mrs. Fairfax, she felt she is fidget.

In the fourth paragraph, Charlotte Bronte uses again metaphor and imagery to strike her solitude. Thus in “allow my mind's eye to dwell on whatever bright visions rose before it -- and, certainly, they were many and glowing…” Mind´s eye is both a metaphor and a personification. In her seclusion Jane lets her mind flow into a more active life.

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