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In the book"The Book Thief"what is a general summary of the novel?And aslo including...

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In the book"The Book Thief"what is a general summary of the novel?And aslo including the climax, and resolution.Please answer if you know.

What also was the conflict of the book? and what is/are the emotional implications of this conflict? And how does the conflict relate to the theme of the book? The theme could be Human Cruelty vs Self Sacrafice, but if you have any other thoughts on any my questions please feel free to speak your mind , i would love to hear different opinions and explanations. Thank you :)

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"The Book Thief" is a wonderful novel about a young girl whose mother leaves her.  She is sent to live with an older couple in another town.  They are not very well off financially, but Rosa and Hans open their home to the child Liesal.  Liesal has nightmares at night and Hans sleeps in the chair beside her.  He comforts her when she is scared and reassures her.  He plays music on his accordion for her.  When he realizes that she can not read or write, he teaches her.  

Hans is married to Rosa.  She is a grouchy woman who resents having to wash the clothes of the people in the village.  However, she is tougher talking than mean.  Liesal soon realizes that Rosa loves her. 

The events take place during the time of the Third Reich.  One of Hans’s friends calls in a favor and Hans is placed in a difficult situation.  He agrees to hide a young Jewish man in his cellar. 

Liesal has become a book thief.  She takes books from the fires when the Nazis burn them.  She even sneaks into the mayor's house and steals books.  The mayor's wife knows but she doesn't talk.  She is still grieving the loss of her child.  She is a sad and withdrawn woman.

Liesal establishes a friendship with a young boy.  Her friendship with the Jewish man also grows.  One day he makes her a book as a gift. 

The allies are bombing the village and Liesal and her family have to go into the bomb shelters.  She calms people by telling them the stories she had read in her books.  The next time she reads to them. 

The Jewish man has to move and she sees him later being marched down the street.  She runs to him but is knocked down in the street.  Hans is drafted into the military.

In the end, the family that she has grown to love, and her friend are all killed in a bombing.  Liesal goes to live with the mayor's wife who invites her to stay.  The Jewish man survives the war.

The story has a wonderful assortment of characters.  They are the kind of people one would like to meet.

 The theme is man verses conscience.  Hans has to make a decision whether to preserve his life by not taking any risks or keeping his promise and hiding a Jew.

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