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Best Italian Restaurants in New York City  I want to have an unforgettable dinner or...

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Best Italian Restaurants in New York City


I want to have an unforgettable dinner or late lunch at a great Italian restaurant in New York City (Italian chef preferred, of course).  Decor is very important.  Provide recommendations, please!  

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It seems that there are quite a few Italian restaurants in New York City, but I will provide you with the ones I think have the nicest decor.

1)  Ai Fiori           (212) 613-8660 

2)  Babbo           (212) 777-0303

3)  Eolo              (646) 225-6606

4)  Maialino         (212) 777-2410

5)  Marea            (212) 582-5100 

6)  Scarpetta       (212) 691-0555

7)  Scalini Fedeli   

8)  Il Mulino

9)  Tratttoria L'Incontro

10)  Erminia

11)  Al Di La

Pictures and descriptions, however, are not the only way to find the exact restaurant you have in mind.  Check them out online, make some phone calls, ask around, and I'm sure you'll find the perfect one .  Ciao!




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