In Beowulf, Beowulf exclaims, "fate will unwind as it must!" What can one infer about his beliefs from this statement?  

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The Anglo-Saxons, the culture depicted in Beowulf, believed in fate (or wyrd). With this fate was a belief in God. Therefore, Beowulf believed that God would decide what would happen to him in every battle. He entered in each battle with the knowledge that the God would "decree success on whichever side seems right to Him!” This mirrors the quote in question ("fate will unwind as it must").

One can infer that Beowulf was a true believer in God and fate itself. Everything that he did, he did for the glory of God. Therefore, he did not question any outcome or any battle. He only entered into the battle knowing that God would choose the victor. With this, Beowulf possessed no fear of death. He believed that if he died it was what God wanted. Beowulf gave all of his trust to God and the power God bestowed upon him.


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