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Below is a list of phrases giving reasons to support a topic sentence. Which of them...

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Below is a list of phrases giving reasons to support a topic sentence. Which of them could be used to complete the unfinished paragraph?

Topic Sentence

Once again, our school newspaper has won a prize for being among the best high school papers in the state.



  • Excellent news coverage: sports events; club news; biographical sketches
  • Appearance: clear, readable type; interesting, artistic layouts; good photographs
  • Team effort: faculty; parents; students; advertisers


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All of these reasons could be used to support the topic sentence.  You would need to organize them in such a way that they make sense.

I would suggest that you mention each of the three bullet points in its own sentence, giving an example or two.  For example, your first sentence could read something like "One of the major reasons that we won has to do with our content, which includes excellent coverage of school news about such groups as our sports teams and our clubs."  Next, you could say that the content is enhanced by the format and appearance of the paper.  Finally, you could say that all of this is made possible by a team effort.  Please be sure to include transitions between your sentences, saying things like "In addition to our excellent content, we also have an appealing look to our paper."

If you do these things, you should have a good paragraph.

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