behaving in today's world - how important is honestyIs being honest and truthful in today's world necessary? The ones who are honest and truthful are the ones who get punished and treated badly...

behaving in today's world - how important is honesty

Is being honest and truthful in today's world necessary?

The ones who are honest and truthful are the ones who get punished and treated badly for telling the truth. They are the ones who struggle their whole life and the ones who are dishonest, selfish and all that live their life happily. so, is it really necessary to be honest and truthful all the time?

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I can't imagine the world being somewhat productive and efficient if everyone lied all the time. Honesty is absolutely needed in many situations, especially medical, safety and legal situations. Everyone lies sometimes, especially to avoid punishment or embarrassment. But habitual liars definitely have some psychological issues going on. I would think theyir lives are chaotic and they are unhappy.

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It is important to be honest, yes. If you want people to trust you in the long-run, honesty is very important to building trust and building relationships. Though some people will gain a short-term advantage through dishonesty, there are very few opportunities to gain long-term advantages by lying. 

"The truth will out", given time.

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I think a lot of people have decided that being honest is not important, but we need to broaden the definition.  Being ethical is important.  You should not lie or steal, but you should not play terrible tricks on someone to be funny either.

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I am not convinced that dishonest people are happy people.  I do believe we all have consciences and that we are troubled when we are dishonest, except, of course, for those little white lies we tell to save the feelings of another.  Furthermore, it is hard work to be dishonest because one must keep track of one's lies to maintain consistency, and sooner or later, this becomes quite burdensome.  If nothing else, the truth sets us free from our consciences and the need to remember all of our lies.  Dishonest people pay a heavy price for their dishonesty, sooner or later. 

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I don't think that this has changed to any great degree.  I also think you're overstating the degree to which people gain advantages through dishonesty.

It is certainly important to be honest and truthful in many contexts.  You do not want to go around lying to your boss or to your spouse.  That can really get you in a lot of trouble.

Of course, there are times when it does not do to be truthful.  This is true in instances when "white lies" are needed so as not to offend people.

But blatant lying is still not a good idea.  I do not believe that people who engage in this behavior typically end up better off than those who don't.

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I've come across that kind of a situation, he was dishonest that I knew for sure. But now, that person is happy in his life. I believe people should be honest, if not no matter how much happiness they've in life, their conscience will torment them, which can't be observed in outside. The guilt will remainthough it is unseen to others.

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I too don't agree that dishonest people remain happy but I know few people who are not true and honest and yet everytime they escape from punishment. They have friends and other people to support them. It bugs me a lot.

Anyway, thanks for the opinions. 

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