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Based on a teacher's experience, how might they apply the following contents of ...

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Based on a teacher's experience, how might they apply the following contents of  family life cycle changes:  professionalism, ethics, academics, and parent  training to their classroom  with children of special needs and instructions?


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I think that a vast compendium of a teacher's experience can enable them to draw upon different elements in their "bag of tools" in order to assist children of special needs during family life cycle changes.  Children who are special needs already find themselves dealing with challenges that only magnify with different experiences in the family life cycle.  A teacher's understanding of academics and being able to modify instruction and rigorous demands for special needs children who are wrestling with family life cycle changes can prove to be extremely helpful.  When a teacher understands how elements of change within the family life cycle are impacting any student, not only special needs students, their sense of professionalism can be critical to ensuring that children do not feel an added sense of pressure being applied to them.  Ethical understanding and ensuring that a fine line is present is what can enable teachers to reach out to parents of children who are enduring challenges within the changes of a family life cycle, offering insight and counsel when warranted.  This can result in parents feeling that they have another avenue to which they can turn in training them to help their children navigate the challenges of a change to a family life cycle.  It is through a seasoned teacher's understanding of such a situation where these attributes are possible enough to realize and recognize in such a challenging situation.


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