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Based on the scenario, what type of display should be used for the robes? The buyer...

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Based on the scenario, what type of display should be used for the robes?

The buyer for a lingerie store wants to carry a new line of robes for March-May. The buyer had great success on robes brought in the fourth quarter for the holidays, but wants to add a few more to the assortment for Mother's Day. The buyer wants to test five styles in the top 10 sleepwear stores. This assortment will hit the selling floor in March and The buyer hopes to sell the entire stock during the week following Mother's Day.

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Every holiday, lingerie retailers such as Victoria's Secret change their displays in order to reflect the target customer who is most likely to purchase. Hence, the goal is to customize the shopping experience so that the potential buyer feels confident that the purchase will please and satisfy them.

In the case of VS, notice that they are smart enough in their displays that they clearly send out the following messages:

  • Moms can be feminine and sophisticated
  • Moms can be sensual and beautiful
  • Moms deserve to be pampered
  • Moms deserve to feel comfortable and safe in their own skin

The VS 2009 Mother's Day Campaign is a great example. Featuring ultra famous super-model Miranda Kerr, VA launched the "Love you Mom" contest featuring clothing articles that were both sensual but also sensible: flower perfumes, lots of pink undertones (to boost the store's already pink-themed logo), and a plethora of flowers everywhere, from the clothing designs, sunglasses, bathrobes, long-robes, bags, and even stay-at-home sandals.

The premise of the campaign is to assure the potential buyer that the tenets mentioned before can be accomplished; that it is great to choose Victoria's Secret as a one-stop Mother's Day shopping venue because mom would love to feel beautiful, sensual, pampered, comfy, and safe when she uses these products.

Most displays moved away from the ultra-cosmopolitan and semi isolated show of very intimate pieces and moved into the "domestic diva" theme where everyday items such as gardening tools, rocking chairs, baby carriages, and laptop computers decorated the store as "everyday props". Around these everyday items the store accommodated the pictures of Miranda and other models wearing the robes and different articles while the mannequins imitated a mother's daily life by carrying a baby mannequin, or reading a book, or working hard at a desk.

All this being said, the scenario presented in this question should also recreate stamps or scenes of the life of an everyday mother by using similar props to those of VS. Moreover, using pictures of real moms wearing the lingerie while doing everyday things such as reading, talking on the phone, or even sharing an intimate evening with their husband will definitely bring the sense of safety and sensuality that many shoppers try to achieve. Whether the designer wants to use the motif of the flower as "mother's garden" is irrelevant because such motif is used over and over everywhere else. However, special emphasis should always be placed on ensuring that the items do look like they will be beneficial, or at least an asset that will make a busy mother feel special.


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