Based on his comments and behavior in court, what is a good description of Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird.  

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For writing a character description, you must identify many adjectives that describe a character and then provide the evidence of those descriptors.

For example, Bob Ewell is:

DUMB: Atticus easily proved that Bob was illiterate, and then that he had a limited understanding of vocabulary by positioning him to talk about what hand was his dominant hand.

CARELESS: Bob did not care enough about his daughter to call for a doctor when she was allegedly raped. A doctor could have not only attended to her pain, but confirmed the rape and helped provide evidence.

DIRTY: The scalded color of his skin revealed to a watching audience that this was a man who didn't bathe much. Not only does this suggest a hygiene problem, but it suggests a lifestyle of dirty in many other meanings of the word, like underhanded and corrupt.

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