A baseball glove was 30% off the original price. The new price is $35. What is the original price of the baseball glove?

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If we took the original price and multiplied it by 70% (which is a 30% discount), then we get the new price of $35.  To find the original price, we need to solve the equation:

`0.7x=35`  where x is the original price.  Solve by dividing by 0.7

`x=35/0.7`  switch 0.7 into the fraction 7/10

`x=35/(7/10)`   now invert and multiply

`x=35/1(10/7)`  cancel common factors



The original price of the glove is $50.

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The new price is 30% off therefore it is 100-30=70% of the original price and is $35

Original price = 35*(100/70) = $50

The original price of the baseball glove is $50

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1% = 35/70

1%= 0.5

100% = (0.5)(100)

100%= $50

Done. I hope it helps.

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Take it as $35 is now 70% of the original price.

Now $35 divided by 70% = $5 is 10%

Thus $50 must ne 100% (if you multiply both by 10)

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