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BA/MD ProgramI am wondering what classes would be helpful to make me a candidate if I...

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BA/MD Program

I am wondering what classes would be helpful to make me a candidate if I wanted to go to a BA/MD program. I am already taking AP English Language, AP US History, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry and Pre - ap calculus. I also am in a private club for track and field. I also realized that it would be helpful to research at a university during the summer, shadowing doctors and volunteering at the hospital. Is there any other AP classes that I should be taking this year and what other extra curriculars should I have that presents me a strong candidate for a BA/MD program or a IVY League school to study pre - med. I am hoping to qualify for distinguised AP scholar and if possible National AP scholar. I am also in the top 5% of my class. 

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It sounds like you are doing a great job preparing yourself for your future career!  Of course it depends on which courses your school offers, but the science classes are definitely recommended.  If you want to show you're serious you can consider adding biology and anatomy and physiology courses and possibly an unpaid internship with a hospital or research university.

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Wow.  It sounds like you are already on your way.  I do agree that you may want to consider specific science classes if you are hoping to enter a pre-med program.  You will need a strong background in Biology, Anatomy, and other such sciences.  If your school has a Latin course or a Latin club, you may want to consider that as well.  Remember that many medical terms are based on latin prefix, suffixes, and roots.  A strong background in Latin will help you tremendously in medical studies.  

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Make sure you take AP Biology or Genetics if it is offered at your school. Definitely do some type of summer research program, or volunteer at a local hospital, nursing home or even in a doctor's office. Can you do the Westinghouse science competition? Are you in a research program at your High school or is there one at a local college that you can be involved with? Make sure you study to get the highest SAT scores possible. It sounds like you are a very talented student with many extracurriculars that will help you achieve entrance into the college of your dreams.

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