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Audio bookI have actually never read on the road however, I have listened to it about 8...

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Audio book

I have actually never read on the road however, I have listened to it about 8 times. I am absolutely obsessed with this book, it has changed my life and my mind. I have listened to 3 different narrators. I have one other to listen to but for me the one read by Frank Muller is absolute perfection he nails Dean and the fast, open, jazzy, and melancholic feel of the book. After hearing this one I'm spoiled. I recently listened to the 50th Anniversary edition read by Will Patton he's an actor I've seen before. He did a really good job however his Dean is a little to sinister and snarly, but it works. Then there is the one by Matt Dillion, it is a train wreck, it sounds like he is just reading a list no life, no jazz, no Dean. I can't listen to it. If any of you have listened to these or others lets chat about it. Anyway I'm new to this group and would love to hear from you all I really love this book and would like to discuss it with others. My email address is zabari@charter.netmy IM is zabari39z see you on the boards.

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very interesting comments. I really think you need to read the actual book now! You're so familar with the language but still might be really surprised by the different experience of reading the book compared to hearing it read. You will find new areas that you love and other parts which are perhaps less exciting then the audio version. Let us know how it goes!

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Indeed that is my next step. Only thing about it is that my time is very limited, so I listen on my 40 minute commutes. But I definately think I will discover even more greatness and discover my own voice for Dean when I read it. But for all those who have read please find the Frank Muller version. I have another version waiting for me at the library, I will let you know how it goes.

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