Do you think African Americans have assimilated into American society?Do you think African Americans have assimilated into American society?

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Some have, some haven't, just like with most groups that are or have been outside of the mainstream.  Clearly many African Americans have assimilated, moving into the middle class, living in the suburbs, etc.  However, there are some who have not.  These are typically people who, for whatever reason, live in very black communities where there is not a lot of influence from "mainstream" American culture.

As a whole, though, African Americans have assimilated fairly completely.  However, it's also worth asking how much of that has come as whites have adopted aspects of African American culture.

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I would say yes.  As number two pointed out, there are some that are more assimilated than others, but I think overall African American culture is a part of every aspect of American society.  From the richest neighborhoods, most exclusive clubs, to the Supreme Court and White House the evidence that African Americans have assimilated into American culture is out there.

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I really dont like when people of different races or even my race call me "african American". i wasnt born in Africa, i was born in America, so therefore i am a black american. just like someone white is a white american. yes, i might have descedants from africa. key word (MIGHT). slaves were brought over from africa and many other parts of africa but if i were to go to africa and say im african american they wouldnt accept me because i wasnt born over there. you get what im saying?

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I think they have assimilated into American society. Many African American's hold positions of great responsibility. I personally know many AA physicians, lawyers, engineers, and school teachers. I also know AA's who hold less glamorous jobs yet still very important to the functioning of society. These people raise their kids, pay taxes, and do everything else Caucasian people do.

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To add to #4's post, I had an acquaintance in college who was a "white" person born in South Africa but had become an American citizen.  He applied for and recieved an African American scholarship, but was denied when they found out he wasn't "black".  I completely understand what you are saying, and think that labels the we are forced to use in society makes the thought off describing assimilation almost moot. 

With that being said, since you are part of the subgroup targeted by this question, I am curious to know your stance on the original question.

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African-Americans help build this society. This society wouldn't be what it is without the free labor (slavery) provided by Blacks. I wouldn't consider American society to be different for Blacks. We have special, unique beliefs just as any other ethnic group; however, we desire and participate in the same aspects of "American" society: We work, we get an education, we abide by the laws, and we contribute to the growth, development, and advancement of society.

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