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“The artist is born in the suffering child.”  Israel Horowitz renowned...

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The artist is born in the suffering child.” 

Israel Horowitz renowned playwright

Hello everybody.

I have encounterd the speech above and am wondering what "the sffering child" mean.  Does it mean the suffering people from the point of view of God?

My general understanding is that where there is no suffering, no art is born.

I appreciate your time for helping me out.


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It is often said that art comes from suffering.  In general, people that are suffering look for some sort of outlet for their feelings.  One cannot always express suffering and grief in the same way one expresses other emotions or daily actions.  Artists are often allowing their suffering to move through them and create something else entirely.  Thus, it would follow that someone who has not suffered would not be drawn to create the same type of art.  This quote is simply stating that art and the artist come from the emotions and reactions of a suffering individual.

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