AP European History - Question about The Black Death and womenHow would you evaluate the status of women in the aftermath of the Black Death? How influential was misogyny in limiting women's...

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The Black Death was one of the most devastating diseases to reach humanity, some estimates saying it wiped out a third of the European population. However, this depopulation is often cited as being one of the prime reasons that the Middle Ages turned to the Renaissance. There were many more job openings, so now Nobels had to compete for finding as cheap labor as they could. This effect also had an impact on the women of the time, but was not nearly as prevalent. Women did enjoy a boost in the percentage of them in the labor market, but they still had a much lower position in society. Misogyny, the hatred or disliking of women or to have them at equal or higher levels of society, was still prevalent. It was found that women were actually less likely to be liigants (involved in a law suit), and even more unlikely to be the plaintiff (the suing party). Women still had a judicial disadvantage, and were disadvantaged in almost every possible way still. However, hings would fortunately improve, and thankfully, that trend continues today.


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