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Any idea what could be the cause of my headaches?I have been suffering from terrible...

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Any idea what could be the cause of my headaches?

I have been suffering from terrible headaches/migranes for about the past 4-5 months.

I have had 4 different tablets for diffrent causes and non have helped including treatment for cluster headaches. My headaches seem to have no patten and just happen at random, they are worse in the early morning about midday and late night most of the time waking me up and I usually pace up and down my room. A number of times my headaches are so bad that i just cant do anything, even talk properly and have fallen asleep on the desk in a middle of  lesson in school. I am not under any stress and have been drinking planty of water and taking special vitamin tablets but have made no difference.

My symptoms when headaches are really bad are:

Get alot of nosebleeds , blurred vission, loss of appertite, lack of concentration, dizzyness and hard to walk and stand up, tiredness, cant speak very well, sleepy and drowsiness, pins and needles.

Headaches only ever happen on the left side of my head and also feels like it is weighing me down. I have never atually callapsed but have nearly and I just want to sleep even when not tired.

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Wow!  That's a lot to have to deal with on a consistent basis!  It sounds as though you are experiencing a series of recurring migraine headaches.  Migraines have been described as a shooting, pulsing kind of pain, that range in duration from three hours to three days.  The brain itself feels no pain, it simply interprets the stimuli the rest of the nervous system sends it.  But the symptoms you are describing, such as the location being on one side of your head, tend to suggest migraine.  You mentioned there is no stress in your life.  Are you sure about that?  Stress oftentimes can be the catalyst for causing these types of headaches.  You also mentioned blurred vision.  Do you notice these headaches when you are reading, or trying to focus on something that could be characteriszed as "difficult to look at"?  I had really bad headaches when I was in the 6th grade, that's when they tested my vision and found out I was nearsighted.


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thank you so much i have had my eyes tested to see if it was the course and they said it was fine and reading dosnt affect me but migranes do run in my family thank you so much and i will take on board what you have said :)!!!

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