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Antoine Berjon's "Roses et Autres Fleurs" and Romanticism?Hello this is Mary from...

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Antoine Berjon's "Roses et Autres Fleurs" and Romanticism?

Hello this is Mary from Iowa.  Could anyone please help with information concerning Antoine Berjon (1754-1843).  I'm trying to find information on how the painting Roses et Autres Fleurs

applies to Romanticism.  Why the fish head in this painting?

Thanks so much!

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Antoine Berjon was one of the most important flower painters of 19th-century France. He was professor of flower design at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. 

In his painting, Roses et Autres Fleurs, the freshness and delicacy of the blossoms exhibit the Romantic era's appreciation for nature.  In contrast, the stark skeletal shark's head and seashells diversify the subject matter to exemplify age and permanence further incorporating the values of the Romantic era.


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