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Annotate the following lines form Nissim Ezekiel's "Background, Casually": I grew in...

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Annotate the following lines form Nissim Ezekiel's "Background, Casually": I grew in terror of strong / But undernourished hindu lads, /  Their preposition always wrong / Repelled me by passively. / One noisy day day I used a knife.

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To annotate means that a reader must add notes to a text which give an explanation or offer one's comments. Here are the annotations I would add to the lines taken from Nissim Ezekiel's "Background, Casually." The annotations are fragmented on purpose to show initial thought and forward movement through the line and its meaning. 

"I grew in terror of strong" (-grew refers to the past;-states that this is something which has already happened to the speaker; -feels frightened by the things/people which happened around him/her)

"But undernourished Hindu lads," (-refers to Hindu; -could have something to do with being misunderstood;- undernourished could be spiritually or physically; -lads refers to young boys)

"Their preposition always wrong" (-a preposition is a part of speech;- may refer to the fact that the speaker does not talk like everyone else;- speaker may feel uncomfortable and isolated because he does not talk like everyone else) 

"Repelled me by passively." (-repelled is negative;-passively refers to something that one does not think about, emotionless, automatic; -the repulsion to the speaker is automatic; - it is built in to the others;- a prejudice; -a stereotype)

"One noisy day day I used a knife." (-fed up by his treatment, the speaker challenged his treatment; -tired of it all; -knife gave him power)

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