Analyze the social, political, and economic ramifications of world war one on the U.S. home front.what were the social, political and economic effect of WWI? what can i write for each one in an...

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The way that the US responded socially was to adopt some of the openness of Europe in terms of changing sexual mores and social changes but they also became more isolationist politically as they didn't want to be involved in what they saw as "Europe's" problems.  This led to the end of Wilson's League of Nations idea and to more pressure for tariffs and other protectionist policies.

Economically it was relatively beneficial for the US as demand for many goods rose to support the Army and the various industries involved in supplying them and equipping them.

Politically it helped to establish the US as one of the dominant world powers particularly because many of the former European powers began to show massive signs of weakness.

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