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Analyze the scene in 1984 where Julia and Winston go to O'Brein's mansion.Any input on...

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Analyze the scene in 1984 where Julia and Winston go to O'Brein's mansion.

Any input on the following would be appreciated:

- characterization (what do we learn about the characters in this scene)

-settings (physical and mental)

-narrative technique (omniscient, limited, 1st, 3rd)

-events (significance, and significance to theme)

-central focus (authors purpose, themes exposed, what does the author want the reader to think or fee, attitudes conveyed) (how are these ideas conveyed through language,form,structure)

-Language/choice of vocabulary - (formal or informal?) (everday or specialist?) (positive or pejorative connations of key words?) (repetition?) (imagery-similies,metaphors,personification, symbolism>) (Aural impact- alliteration, assonance?) (Sentence types - simple,compound,complex) (Sentence functions - declarative, interrogative, exclamative, imperative?)

Structure - ( is it dramatic structure? logical structure? or problem - solution?)

Genre (what kind of novel is this extract taken from?, how has the author adapted its writing to fit this?, how does it shape the interpretation of the themes?)

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This episode is very important to the overall plot.  When Winston and Julia go to O'Brien's apartment they seem to be on the verge of something big.  After all this time of wanting to rebel in some way, Winston is finally getting a chance to get involved with the Brotherhood.

As the party unfolds, it still looks as if Winston has finally found what he wants.  He is inducted, in a sense, into the Brotherhood and finds out something about the way it works.

So, in a sense, this is the high point for Winston.  He feels like he may actually be able to participate in a conspiracy to topple the Party.

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