Please supply an analysis of the characters and plot of The Doll's in setting, characters, atmosphere/mood, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, theme, and...

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Katherine Mansfield’s 1922 short story, The Doll's House, replicates the title of Ibsen’s famous play. The Burnell girls are given a doll’s house and their schoolmates wish to see it. Because the Kelvey’s mother is a washerwomen, and they are poor, the Burnells, girls from a wealthy family, do not associate with them. Various school mates visit the Burnells to see the doll’s house and the Kelvey’s wish to do so but are not invited. Kezia, whose fascination with the lamp is not understood by her sisters, takes pity on the Kelevy girls and sneaks them in to see the doll’s house.

Mrs. Hay: House guest who gives doll’s house to Burnells.
Kezia Burnell: youngest daughter. Intrigued by lamp.
Lottie Burnell: Middle sister.
Isabel Burnell: Eldest daughter. Decides who gets to see doll’s house.
Lil Kelvey: eldest Kelvey girl
Else Kelvey: youngest Kelvey girl; very shy.
Lena Logan: Bullies the Kelvey girls.


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