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Analyse the writer's short letter in response to The Occupy MovementGreat sacrifice to...

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Analyse the writer's short letter in response to The Occupy Movement

Great sacrifice to voice opinion

ONE has to admire these protesters in the city for the sacrifice they have made to voice their opinion. I am sure many have sacrificed study, so risk failing exams; others have lost wages from their employment and, when they do finally return home, may find that their squats have been boarded over.

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This is a great question. The tone of the words are very affirming of the Occupy Movement. The author, in particular, makes two points about the protesters to put them in a positive light.

First, he says that they are people of great sacrifice. Some of them are students and they have sacrificed their education to some degree by joining the movement. Others have sacrificed money that they do not even have much of by taking off time from work. And still others (probably homeless) sacrificed their temporary housing situations to join the protest.

Second, the author underlines in subtle ways that the protesters are poor. The very fact that some of them lives in squats shows that they do not have proper homes. So, they are protesting the vast inequalities that exist in our world.



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