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Analyse the text for examples of literariness using Carter's 6criteria for identifying...

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Analyse the text for examples of literariness using Carter's 6criteria for identifying literariness in text (below).

Where can examples of the six criteria be found in this text (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, 2007, p.142-143)

6 criteria: :medium-dependence;genre-mixing;semantic-density;polysemy;displaced-interaction&text-patterning.

He roared with laughter to show it was a joke. On the wall of the cabin
was a laminated chart showing the different stages of rearing farmed
salmon: the freshwater hatchery where the broodstock was reared to
become alevins, then fry; the cages where the salmon parr were released
and grown to smolts; the big cages further out in the saltwater of the loch
where the smolts were ranched to become mature salmon. Archie led us
through all this and then, when it was obvious we had had enough,
suggested a tour by boat.
There was a converted fishing boat tied up to a jetty; we climbed in and
slowly chugged out into the middle of the loch. Now that we were close
we could see the metal structures were a series of booms which formed
the tops of deep cages moored to the bed of the loch. The water inside
these booms was frantic with movement, boiling with the desperate
churning of tens of thousands of fish which all wanted to be somewhere
else. Every few seconds a fish would leap out of the water as if it was
attempting to escape or climb some fish ladder or run up some waterfall
that its instincts or its race memory told it should be there. I could hardly
bear to look.

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