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How could performance analysis be used to identify the training needs of the student in...

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yaga49 | (Level 1) Valedictorian

Posted August 14, 2013 at 2:51 PM via web

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How could performance analysis be used to identify the training needs of the student in the scenario below?

An undergraduate business student majoring in Accounting has failed Accounting 101 and is understandably upset. 

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farouk23 | College Teacher | (Level 1) Associate Educator

Posted August 16, 2013 at 1:46 AM (Answer #1)

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Performance analysis consists of collecting relevant information in regard to a specific subject (individual/group) to assist in the classification and attainment of set objectives. Performance analysis helps reveal barriers to success and determine appropriate solutions to specific problems.

Performance analysis involves gathering formal and informal data to help customers define and achieve their goals. Performance analysis uncovers perspectives on a situation, determining any and all drivers towards or barriers to successful performance, and proposing a solution system....

In this case a performance analysis may help determine why the student failed Accounting 101 and possibly help prevent such failure from occurring in the future. This can be done by carefully questioning and interviewing the student and determining what mitigating factors may have contributed to her failure. A performance analysis will also come up with a host of recommendation (based on the initial analysis) to help make sure that the failure does not repeat itself. 


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