An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge Is the sound he hears is that his neck

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In short, yes.

As other posters have mentioned, if it is not his neck physically snapping, it is the queing of the sequence of his death.

The story itself is generally interpreted as an imaginative/ hullucinogenic recollection of the protagonists life in the moments before his death.

I strongly recommend the movie below.

It's based on the text and is really really well done.

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My memories of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is the surreal experience of the reader learning that everything Farquar experienced as he imagined his escape was an hallucination. The noise is ambiguous but it would be easy to argue that the noise is his neck breaking as he falls (or hangs) to his death.

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Yes it is. "The sound like the shock of a cannon" is the noise of Peyton Farquar's neck snapping and/or the noise of the plank falling and the rope becoming taut. 

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That sound is very ambiguous. It could be the plank that he would hear, or, if his neck was being snapped, he might not actually hear the sound before he loses consciousness then dies.

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