An IMAX screen is 62 feet tall and 82 feet wide. What's the length of the screen's diagonal? Round to the nearest inch.

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Diagonal of any rectangle is given by the formula:

Diagonal = [(Length)^2 + (Width)^2]^(1/2)

Substituting the given values of height and width of the screen in above formula:

Diagonal of screen = (62^2 + 82^2)^(1/2)

= (3844 + 6724)^(1/2) = 102.800778 feet = 102 feet, 10 inches

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The diagonal d of a rectangle is always equal to the sum of the squares on the width w and height h.

d = sqrt(w^2+h^2).

Here we know that theĀ  width w = 82 feet, and height of the screeen h = 62 feet.

Therefore the diagonal of the screen is obtained by substituting these values in d = sqrt(w^2+h^2):

d = (82^2+62^2) = sqrt10568 = 102.80 ft.

Therefore the diagonal of the screen = 102.80 ft.

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