An analysis on the poem entitled 'Poem' by Donald Justice?How does he use this piece to express a view of poetry, is it sincere or ironic in his presentation of this view?

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Justice is quietly disagreeing with those who attribute living qualities to a poem. He is simply stating the facts:

The poem will go on without you...It is not sad, really, only empty...there is nothing in it to comfort does not matter what you think.

This poem, as with any poem, is an unchanging combination of words; there is no glamorous interpretation, no nostalgic hidden meaning, no colorful imagery to change a life, no comfort to console a reader's sorrow.

Justice is telling the reader that it is a mistake to come to poetry in hopes of finding deep meanings and answers to life's questions or challenges. The poem exists-accept it as it is but don't try to read into it messages that were never intended.


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