an 200g arrow in a 3.00 kg bow is pulled back with 80.0 N of force a distance of 70.0 cm and released. a. determine the work done to the arrow (in J) b. Dtermine the maximum speed of the arrow (in...

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a. Holding in a hand of bow  ,here work is done against gavitationa force ,but actual work done is zero because displacement is perpedicular to drection of force.

Work done by arrow= Force x displacement

= 80 x (70/100) J

=56 J.

b. When arrow released , work  will convert int energy. Let velocity of arrow be v m/s

work = energy (K.E.)


56 = (1/2) (200/1000)v^2


v^2=56 x 10


=23.66 m/s

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