How is the "American Dream" defined in The Great Gatsby?say one meaning of american dream is geeting money and being rich (all of a sudden, luckily). how does dis dream and material things of dis...

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Your question is a tad confusing...  here goes:


The idea of the "American Dream" is often centered around money but many would argue that the real heart of it is the opportunity to re-invent oneself, that you can become who you want without worrying about who you were born as, or to.

In this case, Gatsby wants to join the crowd of the super wealthy so that he can have access to Daisy, he makes a pile of money in shady ways, then comes to Long Island to win her back from her boorish husband.

In his case, he cannot seem to overcome the barriers that exist, he didn't make his money the right way for some, Daisy is far too manipulative and opportunistic to listen to her feelings, and in the end Gatsby may have re-invented himself but still cannot reach what he is looking for.

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