I am writing a compare and contrast paper. I am trying to write about two characters in "The story of an Hour" How should I start writing? Please helpI am trying to compare two characters in one...

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I would suggest that you compare and contrast Louise and Brently Mallard. Louise is easy to find illustrative points on, other characters in the story less so.

Louise is first referred to as Mrs Mallard – her identity qualified only by her marriage. She feels trapped in the home, whereas her husband takes the train to work. When contemplating his death, she focuses on the freedom that she will have without him.

There is the cruel twist in that Mr Mallard is believed dead at the beginning of the story, it is Mrs Mallard who dies at the end. A contrast how his life will change without her is not explored in the story. She feels she would have freedom: you could consider what he would gain – or lose.


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