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I am writing an essay about Boudica and her rebellion. This is my essay layout : First...

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I am writing an essay about Boudica and her rebellion. This is my essay layout : First paragraph is an introduction -> Second paragraph tells us who Boudica was -> Third paragraph was about her rebellion and what happened in it -> Fourth paragraph is about her significance today.

I'm sort of stuck on the conclusion. What sorts of things should I put in there?

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The answer to this depends to some degree on what your teacher’s preferences are.  There are some disagreements as to what a conclusion should look like.  For example, this link tells you that you should not restate your thesis.  Meanwhile, this link says that you should restate your thesis but should also do more.  See if you can find out what your teacher likes. 

My own view is that the conclusion must closely mirror the introduction.  You should not be summarizing your essay.  You should not be bringing in any new information.  Instead, you should be generally stating the point of your paper. 

Therefore, your conclusion in this paper is going to depend on what you emphasized in your introduction.  What was most important about this paper in your mind?  Was it the details of Boudicca’s rebellion?  Was it the causes of and reasons for the rebellion?  Was it the significance of the rebellion for people today?  Whichever it was, you should focus on that in your conclusion. 

When you decide what the main point of the essay is, trying to find a way of referring back to it, looking at it in a slightly different way, or perhaps expanding upon it.  For example, you might talk about the importance of Boudicca in your own mind and how writing this essay has changed the way you see her.  Alternatively, you might summarize how she is seen today and give some directions for further thinking about the issue.  In other words, you might end by asking if Boudicca really should be perceived in the way that she is perceived today.


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