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I am struggling to write a monologue from Macduff's perspective that takes place after...

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I am struggling to write a monologue from Macduff's perspective that takes place after Macbeth's death and the ascension of Malcolm to the throne of Scotland.

Some ideas... From the moment that Macduff learned of the death of his wife and kids, it seems to me as though there's really nothing left for him but a thirst for revenge. Now that Macbeth is dead...what does he do? What's left to live for?

But the problem is I don't even know where to start. If you can help, or provide me some recoomendations please do, I would be so grateful, thanks in advance! 

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I agree with tjbrewer, it is important to speak in Shakespearean dialogue. Be careful to avoid incorporating modern sentences or jargon (language).

In regards to what Macduff could be speaking about, it could a victory speech. Macduff could be most joyous that the tyrant Macbeth is finally dead. Or, Macduff could be introspective - did Macbeth represent a greater evil in us all? Or even, Macduff could want to take the throne himself and kill Malcolm. 

Good luck! 

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You may need to adjust this to make it sound Shakespearean, but it is what I would say were I in Macduff's shoes. 

Now though the tyrant at my feet lies dead; my heart remains an empty hole.  When he ordered my wife and family killed all I wanted was to impose the same price on him.  Now I realize I cannot bring them back.  And killed a King I too have done, though a tyrant was he.  Is my crime less than his, or must I rejoin my family.  Thy Majesty Malcolm, thy judgement please? 

I did my best at mimicking the Bard's Poetry.  I hope this helps you get started. 

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Thank you so much, this will definantly help me get started. :) 

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